Jacobite Express – A *magical* train ride

As a millennial you have probably grown up with the Harry Potter books. I am confident none of us would skip the Jacobite Express while being in the Scottish Highlands. The ride is described to be “the greatest railway journey in the world”. The Jacobite Express, which leaves from Fort William, will not only take you through dazzling and ever-enchanting Scottish heritage sites; it will actually take you over the famous Glenfinnan viaduct and allow you a glimpse on the final resting place of Dumbledore. At the end of the track you arrive in Mallaig – a nice Scottish coastal town where you can have a nice meal and watch the fishermen bring in the fresh produce every afternoon. Mind you, the trip is not cheap and it needs to be booked in advance if you want a guaranteed seat. For me, it was worth every penny!


To make matters better (or worse?!) I took the Jacobite Express with my boyfriend. He didn’t grow up with my beloved book series – he’s just a tiny bit too old (shhh). And I still haven’t completely forgiven him for snoring through the scene in which Harry meets Dumbledore in his near-dead experience. Yes, in the cinema! On premiere night! Annoyed stares from extreme Potterheads included.


Despite the obvious degree of magic and mystique he loved the Jacobite ride. So even if you are traveling with other – ahum older – generations at least the one day return truly is a must!


We took the afternoon train as it allowed us to have dinner in Mallaig. It came with a very nice surprise on the way back. We were amazed by the amount of deer (does) that were startled by the steam train. Talking about a true Harry Potter experience! After all this time? Always! 


Multiple day Jacobite Express tours can be booked through Tripadvisor. If you only want a return ticket I advise you to buy it from Westcoast Railways. Also check out our related posts for cheap(er) accommodation in the Highlands, good food spots and more.

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This is something I’ll want to do one day! I pride myself of owning the first edition of the Italian translation of the first three books! 🙂

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