Hacking Scotland: the most affordable accomodation you will find

Ever since our trip to Scotland I’ve been asked questions on how I managed this one financially. Scotland is anything but cheap and with the average room price above €120 especially accommodation can be a big expense. In this blog I will give you a huge hack on how to save on accommodation BIG TIME. Many tips you’ve heard before include checking deals on sites such as Tripadvisor and Booking.com, traveling in low season and other very overrated ramblings you will read just about any of your future destinations.


What if I told you that it is possible to book a hut on a beautiful spot in the middle of the Scottish Highlands for around €12,50 per person per night? You’d probably think I am crazy, that I am dreaming or that I’ve been living under a rock for the past years. Truth is – this is the actual price we’ve paid in June 2016. So please hear me out!


Just like many mountain areas around the globe Scotland has a Mountain Council. Mountaineering Scotland offers “training and information to mountain users to promote safety, self-reliance and the enjoyment of the mountain environment”. Therefore they promote all outdoor activities in the Scottish Highlands including overnights and membership is open to – well – anyone.


Mountaineering Scotland shares a list of huts all members can book just by sending an email. This is how we found the Mill Cottage (search the map of huts for Feshiebridge). Mill Cottage is a 12+ person hut with a private driveway. All facilities you would need are available including a big kitchen, multiple showers, outdoor furniture, a fire pit, an indoor fireplace and a dry-room to make sure your clothes are ready for your next big highland adventure! It is very close to Aviemore where you can do all your shopping. We were the only two people in the cottage for the days we booked it. Have you ever rented a private cottage for only €25 euros a night? I didn’t think so!


Huts like the Mill Cottage are spread throughout Scotland. Becoming a member of Mountaineering Scotland might be the wisest thing you can do when planning a trip to the Highlands. And above all, your contribution to the council will be used for preservation of these beautiful landscapes. Is there any better way to save some cash?


14 thoughts on “Hacking Scotland: the most affordable accomodation you will find”

Great advice for tourists. Especially those who are concerned or have an expressed interest in the environment. Seeing the Highlands again would be wonderful for me. It’s been decades so I might just consider this. Although I have friends in Scotland, sometimes you want to just be on your own.

Really useful to know this – it’s great to know there is quality, affordable accommodation out there. I absolutely love Scotland and had no idea this place existed!

This is awesome, I had no idea it was possible to stay in the Highlands for so cheap! I lived in Scotland for a year as a kid and would love to go back and explore the country more, will definitely bookmark Mountaineering Scotland for future adventures!

whoa – the layout of your blog is so interesting – I’ve never seen one like this. I haven’t been to Scotland yet but I’ll have to keep this place in mind.

That’s fantastic! I had no idea you could stay in the midst of such incredible countryside for so cheap! I definitely was under the impression that it would cost us a fortune for accommodations in Scotland. Thanks so much for sharing (and many bonus points to Mountaineering Scotland!!).

Thats Sounds amazing! I would never think about it and it make your trip even better when you know you can save over 100£!! I haven’t been in Scotland yet but I really wanna go! Thanks for sharing!

I wish I knew this before booking our trip for this September! We’re mostly staying in Air BnBs, but huts would have been a fantastic and cheap option!

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